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E-health startups competition in Africa

The RFI App Challenge Africa is a competition that aims to develop innovative solutions in the field of e-health in Africa. More than 650 projects participated to the challenge since last December.

Agenda of the event
· 4 to 11 April: the Jury vote to select the last 3 finalists
· 11 to 22 April: the 3 finalists incorporate Orange APIs to their projects if they wish to
· 1 to 24 May: Orange APIs are available for the 3 startups
· 24 May : Final in Dakar


Three projects have been selected for the final of the RFI Challenge:


  • Giftedmom (Cameroon)
    Giftedmom is an application that provides monitoring of pregnant women, prenatal care SMS notification and monitoring of child vaccination program.


  • Bogou (Mali)
    Bogou is a tele-expertise or remote diagnostics tool allowing healthcare professionals to ask remotely a secondary notice or decision support to other professionals in more specialized health. The description of the health problem or disease is posted on the platform Bogou. This platform is organized in secured circles depending on structures or specialties.


  • Fongwama (Congo)
    EduPalu is an application of information about malaria in Congo. It will also propose a location of health facilities.


The winner of the RFI Challenge is Cheick Oumar Bagayoko, with his application Bogou that he existed for ten years and is available via a computer connected to the internet.

Published 24 May 2016

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